Bonaventure Cemetery Benches A History


Let’s face it, benches anywhere speak for themselves. One doesn’t need to so much think about “why” but rather do, as in we sit or know they’re for sitting. Its fairly automatic. Even so, some of our tourists are taken with the fact that they’re there and for us it’s surprising because, well, we just hang out in cemeteries all of the time and they seem old hat. But there’s a history there that is as old as cemeteries themselves really and hope you enjoy this video short on the subject! And don’t forget you can always get in-person understanding with Shannon Scott or one of his great storytellers at

Duck Donuts & Coffee With The Dead!


We showed our guests some extra love this Valentine’s Day Weekend thanks to Duck Donuts and cleared several dozen of their offerings over the course of the entire weekend! The coffee was great too! Just a few snapshots! Thanks to everyone who helped to make this weekend such a great success!

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