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The image is taken from an old photograph, where in the original, all of the people are living attendees of the wake. We’ll soon post the original for your enjoyment. Laurie has doctored it up to fit her theme of having some fun with the image, but also making some kind of valuable statement about life & death and family. What’s your interpretation? In a recent email I asked Laurie if she was the woman in the casket and who was the non-skeletal man hidden up on the porch? She didn’t respond for one reason or another, but I put to her my own theory that perhaps it has something to do with the death of an important romance and that it may have been very public and “died” a slow harsh death in front of many friends and family. Not bad eh? Thanks, I went to art school so you know, I’m smart like that. Even so, Laurie wouldn’t confirm or deny, and probably like many artists, prefers to leave it open for interpretation. And yes, art imitates life, and here we see it imitating death!

Laurie has wonderful books, original work, prints and a whole host of fascinating illuatrations and drawings that will take you just hours to completely study! Please see her website and support her work!