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Shannon Scott is a man of many talents, and although his family and friends have known of his visual art skills since he was a young boy, he’s now making his clients and fans aware. As a youth, he won numerous Scholastic Awards in Illinois, and eventually attended the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) for Painting & Drawing. Although not particularly “showy” Shannon’s work in 1990 hung for part of a year in London’s National Gallery as he was a student invited to hang in a Professor’s show. While in school, his particular area of giftedness was with the human form and was always asked to participate in advanced level courses dealing with Life Models and Life Drawing. His preferred medium is chalk, and pastel in particular because it has the challenges of painting, and the rewards. If you are interested in an original or a commission, Shannon Scott can create just about anything you would like to see drawn or painted. Please Inquire.

Conte Study, Paper, 24 x 36 $275.00 (SOLD)



More Nudes…..

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Xavier. Colored Pencil

Koko & Me (1988)

Koko & Me (1988)

Loves By The Light

Loves By The Light


The General's Arrival. Charcoal

The General’s Arrival. Charcoal


Dreaming By The River. Graphic Pen & Ink


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