The Illuminati At A Glance: How Oz Thinks vs You

PREFACE: This post is not for those with faint eyes, ears, minds or dispositions. I wrote this after many years of thinking about The Illuminati and wanting to try to find a way to summarize or show the essence of what they and other groups like them, are truly about. And the people within them. This is not me attacking religion as a whole or your view of the universe. I don’t know you well enough to do that. But what I am trying to do is illustrate THEIR mentality, logic, ambitions and sense of life. People always ask, “Do you believe evil exists?” I do not believe it does as a mystical entity, but I do believe it lives and inhabits the hearts of individuals and inside of The Illuminati at very complex and systematic levels. Remember, most of this has stayed hidden for the largess of history so I completely get if this seems out of left field or somehow strikes you as contrary to life and how it works and even seems fantastical. I am here to tell you it is not and that in time, you’d be wise to awaken to the realities. When I used to think about my own headstone and what I might want to be inscribed, I relished thinking something poetic, funny or flowery would be appropriate. And maybe one day I will still do that. But on some part of that headstone? I would like my message to the passerby to be — “Learn Everything You Can About The Illuminati & Fight Them To The Teeth With Every Bit of Love That Lives Inside of You.” That is my message to you the reader now and yes, perhaps one day to the reader of my headstone. So this post isn’t meant to be a complete analogy or explanation. Its a start of me grasping at some of the essentials only, but I believe even as this writing is, it hits pretty well home at the core of things.

Those that control many realms of Religion & Politics seek to keep people in a one, or maybe two level intellectual mental state. Or what I’ll say isn’t far from early childhood emotional levels. This is where I’ve found most people in America tend to be and anymore, rarely develop higher because of the controllers running what I call The Magic Sunday School. They say, “Sorry, those dozen years of Christ’s life are just missing,” or “Obama is the top of the Pyramid,” when with just a little entry into one’s own 3rd & 4th levels of critical thought, you can easily fill in the blanks or discover the hidden agendas of those in power. And when you do, you’ll discover they’re not only wrong but shallow in their assertions. Some intentionally, some are not as they’re simply people bought into it all of the programming. What I find equally fascinating and disturbing is that most people prefer the illusion. I mean is it not simpler to argue at work or with friends and family about the Red States vs The Blue States, as opposed to trying to crack the conversation nut about two parties who all meet and play together, agreeing that its best to maintain the illusion for the public “who can’t be bothered?” Or what of the church crowd and just nodding at the go-with-the-flow of Biblical history, rather than talk about who wrote the early versions of The Bible and then who continued to edit it beyond recognition into the 21st Century? This I call “the haze of belief vs actual knowledge.” But that’s beside the point. The overall truth here is that those who have carved and crafted out the synthetic reality, or if you prefer, The Matrix, or generally “our world as we know it,” they are banking on the fact that people prefer the emotional and the mysticism vs the objective reality. They in effect, KNOW that the masses like the magic show or the flannel board narrative that only asks them to believe and to not really search. Has anyone really never wondered why in the separation of Church vs State, the government is still more than willing to fund your church as long as you don’t discuss the government? Are people really that asleep and daft? Ponder this for a moment — when dealing with children to explain something or as often is the case, to get them to focus, how do adults usually accomplish this? They talk to them in a lower, slower voice, at times firm, and then do what? They tell them a story. Which yes, many children are then satiated by because some authoring personality has made it appealing or key here — believable. And later, having trusted in this convincing adult figure, they become emotionally protective of the story they’ve been led to believe. That’s just human nature. But what is key in your understanding of The Illuminati and other like groups, is that they believe they are the chosen adults and the divine inheritors of power and money. They literally embrace that they are superior to you and destined to be that authority while yes, trying to conceal the fact as much as possible. Most people don’t think, do or act in such nefarious or manipulative ways. Not really. They’re good hearted, they’re just attempting to get by in life, raise a family, have something for themselves inside of a turbulent world on a planet called The American Dream. I find though that more and more, people are starting to think and get whispers of what’s behind The Oz Curtain. But even then, I see them showing that they prefer the fantasy of their religion or the drama energy of arguing about Hilary vs Trump or The Broncos vs The Panthers. They succumb to this rebellious childhood emotionalism because it makes them feel powerful and knowledgeable at the moment without really challenging too much. And I can assure you that the controllers or the social engineers, who are in many cases worshipers of darkness and suffer disturbing delusions of power, are banking on that very thing. They live for conquering the simple good nature of people and deceiving the child natures of those people. All while they play classic Divide & Conquer inside of such subjects between people, tossing little morsels of consumerism in the play to tide and abide. And as they see their subjugates in those modes of distraction, they are moving machinery outside of the synthetic cocoon that seeks to preserve themselves and to eliminate the herds or to keep them in eternal ignorance and servitude through their designed systems. And this my friends, is The Illuminati. They are here. They are real and it is literally your choice to wake up to them and to grow up inside of your minds, your souls, your spirits, your lives and transcend the gutters of being emotional children. If not, you are living a half-life and humanity at this hour in time, is damned to darkness greater than any age ever before it. Speaking of feeling, some of you reading this will detect a sense of what I’m saying if not already, being awake yourself of course. Others will say, “Can you prove it?” And for those that just scoff? Well, I will not discount you and say you’re entitled to your feelings and opinions to the contrary, but you are probably already lost. Adult in your mind and body, but infantile in your spirit. Hence why I provoked that it was time to grow up and be somebody instead of just being someone for them. So for those who wish to learn something? There are so many resources to be awake anymore that to not take advantage of them is even more beyond me. And by the way, this is why Hillary, Zuckerberg and others, seek to control the internet in the way China does and why Zuckerberg spent so much time praising the Chinese. They cannot have you truly waking up. They cannot have you seeing behind their curtain. They are part of it, Hillary more wittingly, Zuckerberg more by proxy and paycheck than perhaps full time disciple. But that’s the thing, doing the bidding is also dangerous and unforgivable. A woman like Hillary Clinton is fully conscious of the evil she does, but as the controllers do, they’ll put up whatever facade, act and say ANYTHING to protect their agendas. One must only think of it as a dark magic show where the magician never tells the audience they are attending one, to begin to comprehend the nefariousness. If you went to a magic show that was instead called “The Real Life Show” and they told you every trick was real? Would you not feel deceived later to discover it was an intentional lie? Yes, think of it like The Truman Show but with absolutely no heart behind the scenes. It should unnerve you to know that they apply this to all areas they are at the top of. Religion. Media. Banking. Agriculture. Medical and many areas of trade. And should you decide to become a real Jedi vs a movie one, it will enrage you to learn that some of the basic Codex of The Illuminati involve these words — Terrorism. Safety. Racism. Sexism. Gun Control. Environmentalism. Multi-culturalism. Equality. Immigration and many subsidiary words, names, groups that like an evil family tree, can all be tied back to very specific autocrats. The words of course, have real meanings but am here to tell you, they are using them to twist your wits and to put people at each other’s throats. Around election times, even more. Once you are awake to the fact that they are using your good nature about such things against yourself and humanity? The anger in you should be enough for you to push back by sharing the knowledge with others, while yes, trying not to murder the moral sanctioners that bamboozled you from the get go. So for those who wish to challenge themselves to see, to have the “A-Hah” moment, I will turn you towards two resources, one a video and in that sense, less challenging but also complex, and then another, one of the ultimate tomes of understanding. I assure you that both will entertain, but the latter will rattle most to the very core of their knowledge of the world. I am personal acquaintances with the author of the book and can speak to his integrity as an academic and a subjective experiencer with all that I’ve mentioned. Buying the book at the link provided is essential to support this work. At one time a copy could not be had for less than $500 and with the generous support of a certain company recognizing and reprinting the book in multitude, it brought the price down closer to earth. It is my hope that you will consider the value of buying it as an investment in yourself and the fight to cast light into very dark corners and expose the controllers for what they actually are. They have turned what they do into academia and we must also have such academia on our sides. I will write more in the future as the hour is upon us to wake up humanity to the deception. All the best to you in your own waking.

The Book Can Be Bought Here

Bloodlines of The Illuminati