America’s Funniest Home Dead Dad (Fool House) by Shannon Scott


Its raining its pouring,
Bob Saget wasn’t very boring
He got into bed
And bumped his head
And couldn’t get up in the morning
The bruise on Bob’s noggin
Has got everyone bloggin’
Looking at each other
Wink’n and noddin’
Not buy’n the news peddled
The Lawman says no foul play
Hoping questions would go away
But The Coroner no foreigner
To being asked
To look the other way
After all, it was “only 1 gunman”
Who had all of that fun man
Back in 2016
A town like Orlando
Has always plagued us
What goes on there
Gets buried with care
Innocence vanishes into thin air
And comics go to die

Bob Saget

Bonaventure Cemetery Is Forever Valentine’s Weekend


We’ve always said, “Bonaventure is 4 Lovers.” And the place is full of thousands in fact. I wish I could learn and tell every one of their stories in my own lifetime! Many of those couples would tell you that, “you only live once,” and that’s exactly why you should treat yourself and a special other to this weekend’s Bonaventure After Hours’ event! Dare to be different on date night! Bonaventure TV V-Day Commercial

So what exactly is happening? Firstly, until Shannon Scott created the opportunity for the visitor to see Bonaventure Cemetery after the gates have closed, very few folks outside of locals and the wandering stray coyote, had much wandered the grounds during what Shannon refers to as “the enchantment hours.” The regulars are all sleeping, the weedeaters have stopped whirring and its at times so quiet, you only hear your footsteps. Even fewer people have ever seen it at twilight and nightfall and this is the time of year where you can join in doing that! For greater details, please go to Bonaventure After Hours Tour

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