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I was very honored to be asked by The Bonaventure Historical Society to script and voice two stories for their app! I was bummed that one got scrapped yet won’t complain for them keeping my take on Conrad Aiken’s life as he’s a personal writer and human hero of my own! Trust me it was hard to sum up the life of a guy who wrote 50 Novels, took The Pulitzer for poetry, befriended T.S. Eliot and discovered Emily Dickinson in under 3 minutes!

The Apps are $4.99 and its very generous that $3.50 of each download goes back to the efforts of The Bonaventure Historical Society and I hope you will all consider downloading them! I think I did Conrad, and his wife, Mary, proud!

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                         Conrad Aiken, Harvard 1917



Wellsprung Waxation

By Shannon Scott (C) 2015
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Ah, the delightful slope of heartwrench and accomplishments.

In which while sliding your feet reach the muck before the stable ground before your mind does.

Thus is life. Have minds like ours come to concur?

The fact that you’re just here is promising.

The prizefighter mentality has not seen too relinquish far enough to let that dark shadowy mixture that’s swishing in the back of your mind to claim grounds to your brain matter.

This is good.

Those abstractionary realists who tiptoe around society that suspects them to be stepped in cynicism?

Could in fact be holding the golden ticket to deeper levels of rest amongst outside clatter.

Perhaps rest came to you when you needed it…

My point is — that healing feels no rush for closure.

And while you’re being bumped or bruised as you continue sliding down or up said slopes of self acknowledgment and disparaging.

You’re not alone.

Consider yourself an experiment.

Reweave yourself with confidence that mistakes are a part of the purifying process.