America’s Funniest Home Dead Dad (Fool House) by Shannon Scott


Its raining its pouring,
Bob Saget wasn’t very boring
He got into bed
And bumped his head
And couldn’t get up in the morning
The bruise on Bob’s noggin
Has got everyone bloggin’
Looking at each other
Wink’n and noddin’
Not buy’n the news peddled
The Lawman says no foul play
Hoping questions would go away
But The Coroner no foreigner
To being asked
To look the other way
After all, it was “only 1 gunman”
Who had all of that fun man
Back in 2016
A town like Orlando
Has always plagued us
What goes on there
Gets buried with care
Innocence vanishes into thin air
And comics go to die

Bob Saget

A Sentimental Valentine’s Day Poem (Ode To Schiller) by Shannon Scott

VDaySketch 002


If only Valentine’s Day fell upon some week in May,
with gladdened heart I’d have a wealth to say to my love,
for she and I are like hand in glove.
Rather its in February, a bleary month if there ever was!
Which when this ill plot was sought, was it arbitrarily so?
Surely it was coquetry, as if seriously commanded, would be contrary to poetry and reason! Rhyme left naked and abandoned!
For it only rings with tributary and when the ill fated name “February” is said,
which sinks from the mouth like lead?
People look as if you’ve summoned the dead!
So dread, why was May not chosen instead?
It is my contention that with May’s mere mention?
Such metaphors leap freely to this bard’s lips!
“Its a lovely day in May when the minds at play upon gay imaginings of a young maiden’s fair hips!”
See, its a shame that God’s calendar maker was not instead a baker!
For badly risen bread is more liveable than the unforgivable misplacement of this lover’s holiday day!
There as you can plainly see, that its not simply me! Not!
Moreover that THE WORLD secretly chagrins,
and only when they can sing, “Hooray for V-Day in May” will smiles part once more above their wanton chins!