The Sculptor & The Child Muse: Special Event


“John – it’s an exact likeness.”

These words were barely found formed by tearful parents, Wales and Frances Watson following the marble statue unveiling of their daughter, “Little Gracie” by sculptor John Walz in Bonaventure Cemetery between 1891-1894. According to Walz, they then turned and left the cemetery. For Walz, it was no less emotional as Gracie Watson had become perhaps the closest thing he’d known to a child of his own. He was now 45, unmarried, and the biggest emptiness in himself was having achieved so much of The American Dream but as a man, there was an emptiness of a family of his own. Gracie had meant the world to him, the friendship of her parents formed inside of the hotel they owned where Gracie played and entertained for nearly 6 years of her own life – The Pulaski House Hotel – the hollow halls would soon come to haunt them all. In ways, only time and a statue would bring healing.

Walz Sculpts Little Gracie To Life by Stephen Kasun

This coming Saturday, July 13, 2024, we celebrate the 142nd Birthday of Little Gracie Watson but also the life and works of the sculptor buried almost a straight line from her a few hundred yards away, John Walz. The cemetery called Bonaventure might have another name – The John Walz Art Museum – for the countless works he spread across the many acres, defining it visually, setting the standard, like no other artist. Together, Watson & Walz, are inseparable figures to Bonaventure Cemetery and no one presents that quite like Shannon Scott Tours & Events! Your host, Shannon Scott, will present some rarely-seen objects tied to the lives of Gracie Watson and John Walz. One lucky attendee will receive this original, framed painting “Walz Sculpts Little Gracie To Life,” by highly respected Savannah artist, Stephen Kasun! This artwork is a first-of-its-kind and will be treasured by the recipient! All attendees will receive a signed event poster along with very special birthday baked goodies that you’ll simply die for!
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America’s Funniest Home Dead Dad (Fool House) by Shannon Scott


Its raining its pouring,
Bob Saget wasn’t very boring
He got into bed
And bumped his head
And couldn’t get up in the morning
The bruise on Bob’s noggin
Has got everyone bloggin’
Looking at each other
Wink’n and noddin’
Not buy’n the news peddled
The Lawman says no foul play
Hoping questions would go away
But The Coroner no foreigner
To being asked
To look the other way
After all, it was “only 1 gunman”
Who had all of that fun man
Back in 2016
A town like Orlando
Has always plagued us
What goes on there
Gets buried with care
Innocence vanishes into thin air
And comics go to die

Bob Saget