Kelsey McGee Miracle Dog Update!


KELSEY THE MIRACLE DOG! (as the song goes, “With A Little Help From My Friends”). That’s the nickname I gave to her when her vibration told me she would heal. It was 14 months ago, many of the white coat wearers said she’d be a gone in 3 months or less. Others cited she’d never regain feeling or walk again. I knew they were wrong in my being but also made a kind of peace with the odds. Yet Kelsey would prove them wrong at each step, never showing anything but her spunky self really even when its been hard for the humans too. The tail wag came back earliest some months ago, never really leaving. It was like the sign of hope from the start. Then came left foot curling, grabbing fingers, followed by eventual throwing that leg in her cart as if she was willing it forward. Along with that, more butt & hip shifting as she swam to propel and turn. In the past month or so, it was as if when I’d sit her down she naturally attempted to brace herself with her left leg but wasn’t sure what to make of it less to say it felt like strength returning. I made note of it. Then last week, my birthday week, amazing things. Kelsey met me at the door out of her cart on 3 legs. Still assisted with her recent surgery leg, but all of the same, using it to walk, toes on the ground. Incredible. But as many of you know, with the cancer having hit the right leg, her original ACL tear and surgery leg as a puppy and ironically the leg that ended up being her best leg in life, the surgeons felt it was 50/50 on amputation and a huge test of faith and will. But once more, Kelsey’s vibrations told me she wanted to keep it and the surgeons, some of the best in the biz in North Carolina, saved the leg. While I was in Champaign, Illinois for my birthday, Kelsey had a visit form her acupuncturist and something remarkable like this happened…….

A Bonaventure Valentine’s Romance Like No Other


Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue,
The World Needs More Romance
Stories Like That of These
Bonaventure Two!

Today is a day to forget about sullied headlines and broken romances among the elite or famed. Its time but for a moment, to come back to an earthly garden to enjoy the tale of a pair who colored their world and our’s with a more beautiful and lasting hue.

James Neill & Edythe Chapman in domestic bliss.