My Easter Message To Humanity of 2022


Hello all. If you want, in our Short Attention Span Theater Life, you may just scroll to the video below and watch it purely without the explanation. Or, if you’d like to know the story of how it came to be, please read on! I came home to Illinois for Easter but to also celebrate my joint or dual birthday with my father on April 21st. Which ironically, is also the founding day of Bonaventure Cemetery in 1846. So a triple header of a blessed birthday! Its also the birthday of Robert Smith from The Cure, but that’s just me making a fan connection. And speaking of blessed, I was adopted by some great parents who clearly took the birthday sameness as a sign from above many years ago before being blessed by the birth of my younger brother two years later. So you see, to be both born of a sign, under a sign or connected to “signs,” which is simply another word for “significance,” I’ve always paid them attention throught the special lens of my very blessed existence. In fact, I’m not sure if I consider anything insignificant. We as human beings process a lot of them at any given moment through our senses, and if anything, spend most of our time, sorting through them to identify which are the most important and meaningful. Which then comes down to our frame of reference or knowledge of life. I get caught saying this a great deal, but some of us just use salt while others use it, enjoy it, but want to know why we do and where it came from. That would define my mind at a glance. So no surprises here, I was simply out for a walk in Mahomet, Illinois, where I once had a young love named Shannon, and where there are some pretty interesting cemeteries, on a trail called The Buffalo Trace Prairie Trail which like its name, was once buffalo grazing grounds and where natives and pioneers tracked them. You see, even my walking trails have to have rich historical texture as I like walking with ancestral energy things you could say. And if ever in the area, do check out The Museum of The Grand Prairie nearby and the loads of unique walking trails replete with awesome historical markers and ways of observing prairie restoration and other types of plant and land studies. Really interesting! All of that said, it was on a walk there on the Buffalo Trace Trail Loop where I caught site of these medeval like spikes in menacing clusters growing out of the lower part of Honey Locust Trees. Picture every ancient battle movie scene with swinging spike armaments, sometimes horror flick or on The Walking Dead, the spiked walker, you’ll understand. Except these are smooth and worn over with bark, like a true appendage. And in certain light seem like flowers made of really sharp tooth picks. Nature’s barbed wire.
Even if initially alarmed and awed by the sight, I could not help but to be in deep respect for its life as well as the intelligence of its survival mode. Tree huggers need not apply? Or bring gauze and Neosporin if you dare! As I continued to walk by these woodland warriors and considered how they might be useful planted around my house in case of an attack, my mind turned to Easter, the state of the world, and how we now must all be wise as serpents and harmless like doves. Or live more like The Honey Locust Tree. The video and narration is the end result and while it may not be for or speak to everyone, I truly hope you taking something away from it that is meaningful.

Friday The 13th: Georgia Conspiracy Theories

Click Link To Hear Full Interview FRIDAY THE 13TH INTERVIEW ON GPB Radio

Conspiracy theories have a bad name in general. Or anymore. And some who do connect dots badly deserve to be criticized but its too dismissive to abuse the term “conspiracy theorist” in doing that. It lumps the other true thinkers, those who can connect the dots and “follow the money” as is often the case and gives them a bad name. But that’s what the social engineers want. They want everyone scoffing and being cynical and giving no credence to those who think critically. As laughable as it might seem? There is a literal conspiracy against conspiracy theorists. They want the word to mean the worst possible thing at the end of the day so yet again, they can control the narrative.


In a fun way I was asked to do this interview for Georgia Public Radio’s “On Second Thought” program as something light for recognizing Friday The 13th. The subjects ranged from the serious, Atlanta Child Murders (1970s-80s), to The Georgia Guidestones and their possible New World Order connections and lastly the topic of The Altamahaha, a sort of Low Country “Nessie.” The interview was all of about 12 minutes and the host did an exceptional job running it and the producers did a nice job of organizing sound and video clips so wish to thank them all. Personally it was fun because they opened the interview with The X-Files’ Theme and then played a soundbyte from the network and in particular, their journalist, Paul Joseph Watson who I very much admire as a thinker and cutting edge gonzo sort of journalist. He’s got guts and his commentary is more for adults and that’s a good thing.


I think what the interview could not do in the short time, but no fault of its own as it was a nice stab towards things, it did not permit giving a complete picture on the more serious areas of the child murders that were clearly related to a massive child slavery network with Satanic & Witchcraft touches all over it. And that Atlanta is still a major center for child trafficking and human sacrifice. Just because George “Skull & Bones” Bush comes to town to create a distraction story, throws a CIA patsy in jail and gets President Jimmy Carter to create more distraction nonsense with blame on the barely relative KKK, doesn’t mean it all went away in real life. It didn’t. It hasn’t. It is estimated right now in 2016 that 1,000,000 children are involved in child slavery in the USA alone. And we’re talking about The Kardashians? Transgendered bathrooms? You do the math. The people running the child slavery run what happens in the media at the end of the day. In so many ways they overshadow it. Its all about keeping YOU distracted. I’m thinking 1.000,000 American children are in trouble? This is a national crisis that takes precedence over any trillion dollar, never ending conflict in foreign countries.


I think the other serious subject that the interview again scratches surface of but doesn’t get full fledged, is around the Tuskegee Experiments where thousands of black men were intentionally injected with syphilis by our government just to see how they died. The government later admitted this and paid out reparations. It reminds me of what a short term memory Americans have when we get into these vaccination debates. Do homework on them. Really. Their history and present and future is very checkered. The blood work of those Tuskegee experiments was handled at Oatland Island in Savannah, Georgia when it was the “Pre-CDC” building. You know, that government organization that supposedly “LOVES” you and wants you to be healthy? The CDC was and is still under the watchful eye of the Department of Defense. Gee wonder why? Naturally they wanted to weaponize this or that and from what I can tell, ultimately did, and have many times over. I had a friend who worked on Oatland Island and found himself doing dirty work for a then classified operation called “Operation Paperclip.” Read up on it sometime and then you’ll start to see how the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing inside of our country when so much happens in secrecy. Our own government brought in over 20,000 Nazi scientists to this country, many of whom would go on to head major organizations like BAYER, Johnson & Johnson, IBM and a litany of others. Don’t throw the Nazi baby out with the Nazi bath water right? Granted, there are various levels of culpability inside of regimes but I guess they did all of that secretly because they knew the public wouldn’t go for it. And even so, they took our tax dollars that we trust them with to make it all happen. This is what Eisenhower warned of when leaving office. The monster of the Industrial Military Complex. But to finish on the subject, my friend was given a poison acquired by the “less culpable” Nazi scientists. This poison was to be used to poison an entire water system of a town to kill everyone there if need be. A small vial was all that was needed. My friend was instructed to make something more deadly out of it. And he did. Boy did he ever. It ended up being 990 times the strength. Sounds like that might have the capacity to wipe out New York City possibly. No wonder he smoked a lot of pot. He also invented the formula for the flea collar sold to Hartz but DOW chemical made all of the money on that one. Wonder if they made money on the other one? Hmmmm……..


So to the interview. I’d like to do more of them. We’ll see. For me, this was my first public step out. Oh no, I mean I’ve been on national TV dozens of times and done things on ghosts on NPR even. But that was all truly light and pure entertainment. This was a bit of that today, yes. Yet it was more. This interview meant something else to me. I call it my first shot across the prow of a vessel called The Illuminati on the high seas of The New World Order. I want them to know my name. I want them to know the good guys are in town and that we are here to take back the good things they’ve hijacked, including the minds of the American public. Basically I just hate evil and I hate the kind of evil that’s dressed up by those who do it using terms and processes that are actually good things but have been twisted and manipulated to deceive us. I want humanity to wake up to the reality of being human experiments at so many levels….


So the interview was playful air time on Friday The 13th. But on a high holy day of darkness, you might say I was ritualistically using the interview to incant white light inside of the dark.


So when after the interview I went on to my cemetery tour and that black cat ran across the road in front of me? It wasn’t bad luck. It was darkness trying to flee.

I’m joining the war. Will you?