Little Gracie Birthday Tour Highlights


For those that missed or were unable to attend The First Annual Little Gracie Birthday Tour we’ve brought along some photos and video highlights for you to enjoy! I was especially nervous about the cake but baker Tina Arnsdorff did such a beautiful job! It was somehow cosmic that she’s 8 months pregnant with one in the over herself! For Little Gracie’s 140th we plan on doing a life size statue cake so everyone plan on being here July 10, 2022! It will consist of a city wide tour visiting important sites relative of sculptor John Walz’ life and times! Before the tour closed, our very own Lazarus Boone made an appearance to play Happy Birthday on his violin where your’s truly can be heard prominently singing to her of course!

Little Gracie Program

Little Gracie Tour Program

Little Gracie Tour Program Interior

Some thoughtful words by Shannon Scott

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