A Sentimental Valentine’s Day Poem (Ode To Schiller) by Shannon Scott

VDaySketch 002


If only Valentine’s Day fell upon some week in May,
with gladdened heart I’d have a wealth to say to my love,
for she and I are like hand in glove.
Rather its in February, a bleary month if there ever was!
Which when this ill plot was sought, was it arbitrarily so?
Surely it was coquetry, as if seriously commanded, would be contrary to poetry and reason! Rhyme left naked and abandoned!
For it only rings with tributary and when the ill fated name “February” is said,
which sinks from the mouth like lead?
People look as if you’ve summoned the dead!
So dread, why was May not chosen instead?
It is my contention that with May’s mere mention?
Such metaphors leap freely to this bard’s lips!
“Its a lovely day in May when the minds at play upon gay imaginings of a young maiden’s fair hips!”
See, its a shame that God’s calendar maker was not instead a baker!
For badly risen bread is more liveable than the unforgivable misplacement of this lover’s holiday day!
There as you can plainly see, that its not simply me! Not!
Moreover that THE WORLD secretly chagrins,
and only when they can sing, “Hooray for V-Day in May” will smiles part once more above their wanton chins!
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About Shannon Scott

Shannon Scott, aka, "The Bard of Bonaventure," or "The Storyist," is a 30 year resident of Savannah, Georgia and easily Savannah's best known storyteller at this point in his career. Scott has worked for national TV shows like, "Scariest Places On Earth," "Ghost Hunters," and produced his own documentary, "America's Most Haunted City" about Savannah, Georgia. As a vehicle, Shannon utilizes the story of cemeteries like Bonaventure, to commentate on symbolic language, art, burial traditions, secret societies, politics, romance, ritual traditions of many cultures and really the greater connections to the history of the world and present-day life.

2 thoughts on “A Sentimental Valentine’s Day Poem (Ode To Schiller) by Shannon Scott

  1. Oh!… my oh my!…where “is” my tatted hanky and where “are” my smelling salts and most importantly where “is” my sterling engraved flask with the smoothest Kentucky bourbon (strictly for medicinal purposes; of COURSE)?…the sultry, sexy, delicious and melodious voice of Shannon Spencer Scott, the “STORYIST” of Savannah…stirs a yearning deep within a woman’s bosom so voraciously sensual that a true “BELLE” would pretend a blush knowing all too well that she … “craves” more…more….yes: MORE of The “STORYIST”! Can it be there is still a “true” romantic Romeo roaming the statues of Bonaventure who possesses such animal magnetism that even the “most” educated, cultured, disciplined, strong of the opposite sex simply … “melt” at his sinfully sultry sound, his touch, his gaze. Oh!…to be the fortuitous one who attains his attention; if even for a fleeting vapor of time!

    • “And the Comment of The Year Award goes to…” Thanks Judith and please, when you start a blog of your own, I want to be the first to sign up and rival you with compliments of my own! XOXO!

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