Bonaventure Cemetery Stroll by Our Savannah Blog

Next to cat videos, bloggers in my mind will always rule the social media world and are the original “influencers.” All the more reason to praise & bless free speech. Its the ultimate media platform in a sense. Every now and again, we have some tour client’s who honor us with their take on our Bonaventure Cemetery Journeys’ Tours experience and post about us. Special thanks to the authors & their goat! They clearly have a lot of passion for Savannah!

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About Shannon Scott

Shannon Scott, aka, "The Bard of Bonaventure," or "The Storyist," is a 30 year resident of Savannah, Georgia and easily Savannah's best known storyteller at this point in his career. Scott has worked for national TV shows like, "Scariest Places On Earth," "Ghost Hunters," and produced his own documentary, "America's Most Haunted City" about Savannah, Georgia. As a vehicle, Shannon utilizes the story of cemeteries like Bonaventure, to commentate on symbolic language, art, burial traditions, secret societies, politics, romance, ritual traditions of many cultures and really the greater connections to the history of the world and present-day life.